The collection currently consists of thirteen stories.

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–  001  –

Ways to Encourage a Leaf

A leaf is consoled after strong summer winds force a sudden shift in perspective.

–  002  –

Golden Garage

Despite doubts, a widower takes a chance.

–  003  –


A mildly depressed man considers his options at an imagined end of the world.

–  004  –


A girl living in the near future discovers wind for the first time.

–  005  –

The Place

Luca makes a list of qualities he would like to find in a place.

–  006  –

Every Sunday

Eileen lives in the village of Ballyferriter on the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland.

–  007  –


A new father writes his last will and testament while exploring the nature of portals.

–  008  –

Conversations With Walls

A series of conversations across time between painters and their audience.

–  009  –

Chicken Marbella

A photographer takes a smoke break near the end of her shift at CVS.

–  010  –

Where You’ll Find It

A boy searches for a map to the antidote for greed.

–  011  –

Ask Us

The election of Donald J. Trump inspires a rebuttal (and a break in format).

–  012  –

Shadow Self

The author encounters his own shadow.

–  013  –

More, More

A reflection on facing the day, nudged upward by a child’s way of being.

Else, take a chance.

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Nathan Heleine


Images found/made with a small assortment of film & digital cameras then edited in Capture One & Lightroom. Stories written in Ulysses. Site designed with Affinity & published with Cargo.

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