A photo-fiction collection combining street photography & original short stories.

Characters –– some real, some imagined –– cope and thrive within their own little stage amidst turbulent times. Read the most recent piece, Shadow Self, about an enigmatic encounter on a very hot day. Or hitch a ride back to the first entry in the collection, Ways to Encourage a Leaf.

Else, peruse all of the stories or learn why this project exists.

is made by
Nathan Heleine


Images found/made with a small assortment of film & digital cameras then edited in Capture One & Lightroom. Stories written in Ulysses. Site designed with Affinity & published with Cargo.

Write to hello@nowtheyhearnothing.com with notes of encouragement or derision, commission offers, collaborative opportunities and so on.

All works presented here © 2016 - 2017 Nathan Heleine

See it, make believe it.